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Our answers to your questions

Job interview

Choosing a new employment agency is an important decision. The Hilaris Care team has compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you make your decision. If there's something we haven't mentioned, just ask.

  • Is the Hilaris Care service really free for me?
    Yes, our service is 100% free! You decide whether the new facility suits you and decide whether to release your data.
  • Do I have to send application documents?
    No. You have the option to upload your documents. The application form can also be sent without.
  • Was bedeutet 100% anonym?
    Es deutet, dass deine Daten bei uns sicher sind und wir diese nur durch deine Freigabe an den Arbeitgeber weiterleiten. Vorab erhält der Arbeitgeber keine personenbezogene Daten, nur die Information über die Qualifikation, ob Vollzeit oder Teilzeit, Führerschein vorhanden ect.
  • Do I need an account? Where do I have to register?
    You only provide us with your data via the application form. You don't have to register with us.
  • How long does it take until I receive a job offer?
    This may vary from region to region. We mediate nationwide. In most cases within one to three days.
  • How certain is it that I will receive a premium payment?
    You are assured of your premium payment if you are still employed by the new employer we have placed with you after six months. As security, also for you, you conclude a contract with us regarding the payment of the premium.
  • When and how will I receive my premium payment?
    You will receive the payment after six months of employment with your new employer arranged by us. Your bonus will be transferred directly to your bank account, which you have previously provided to us.
  • How much is the premium payment?
    The amount of the premium payment depends on your monthly gross salary, without allowances or anything similar. We will pay you a one-off bonus of 25% of your gross wages. Example: With a gross salary of €4,000, you will receive a bonus payment of €1,000 after six months of employment.
  • What if there are no open job openings at my location?
    If there are very few vacancies available at your location, we will pull out all the stops and search specifically just for you! There are no costs for you, this service is always free!
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